Library Voices "Hey! Adrienne"

Library Voices 'Hey! Adrienne'
Regina's Library Voices are getting ready to issue a new LP called new Lovish and have teamed up with Exclaim! to premiere their latest preview from the set, "Hey! Adrienne." Despite its prairie origins, it's a bouncy indie rock number, and you can stream it online now.

The track shuffles along with a driving rock beat and Heartland rock-styled guitar riffs. Above this all, we're treated to lyrics lovingly sent out to the titular Adrienne. If you thought there might be a bit of backstory as to why the band are singing about this apparent "lemondrop" of an individual, you'd be right.

Library Voices' Carl Johnson explains:

"Hey! Adrienne" was an idea that had been hanging around since For John, but as a song I was never quite able to bring it all together. Near the end of tracking Lovish a couple things conspired to help me finish it…

The song started as homage to the Hollies and a few other early '60s British Invasion bands and I'd just assumed that the lyrics should complement the music and be full of happy-go-lucky, bouncy, bullshit cliches. When I started digging into the lyrics of a few songs like "Pay You Back With Interest" and "Carrie Anne" it dawned on me that I actually didn't know anything about writing a '60s rock song. Pretty much all the good ones have some heavy conflict involved and usually a fair share of darkness lurking around their edges.  

I decided to dig into my own personal phantom zone/Mordor/galactic barrier, which at the time was my coming to grips with the head injury that had happened to me over a year before. Instead of writing about an idealized life I'd never experienced I wrote about what it felt like to be bedridden for two months. I wrote about trying to see through the haze and being unable to spend time with the most important person that I've ever had in my life.  

The second factor that helped me finish the song was when synth player and main lyricist Michael Dawson threw me a few lines to help the song coalesce into a narrative of the struggle I was trying to describe. His line "I lost consciousness again" was particularly important in making the song come together.  

The final thing that helped birth "Hey! Adrienne" was my friend and local/international song alchemist Andy Shauf agreeing to sing on the song. I've known Andy for a long time — we used to be janitors together at the legendary all ages venue the Exchange here in Regina. Having him be a part of a song that was this close to me, after so many of his songs have intensely impacted me was pretty special. His harmonies and especially that magic whistle before the final chorus were huge in getting the song to where I wanted it to be.   

Library Voices' Lovish lands November 6 via Nevado Records and will be supported with a Canadian tour.

Tour dates:

10/23 Saskatoon, SK - Amigos *
10/24 Regina, SK - the Exchange *
11/06 Edmonton, AB - Brixx *
11/07 Calgary, AB - Palamino *
11/13 Winnipeg, MB - The Good Will *

* with Surf Dads