Fleece Share Sultry New Single "Do U Mind? (Leave the Light On)"

The song and accompanying video tackle the intimate side of casual dating
Fleece Share Sultry New Single 'Do U Mind? (Leave the Light On)'
Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away, and Fleece are starting their celebrations early. The Montreal-based psych quartet have shared a new single "Do U Mind? (Leave the Light On)," along with a sensuous new video.

The song is warm and intimate, driven by Matt Rogers' breathy vocalizations and twinkling keys, as he sings about the highs and lows of short-term dating: "We're not in love / But I want to feel like I am tonight."

Said Rogers in a press release, "It's about meeting up with someone and pretending like you're in love for the night, even though you both know you're not. It's a little wink to all the people out there who feel the same way, and want to feel that sense of belonging for just a moment."

He added, "I feel like hookup culture has made it really hard to be vulnerable with each other. This song is my attempt at explaining the intersection of love, isolation and frustration that apps like Grindr make me feel."

It's furthered by the new music video, which finds Rogers in pursuit of romance, initially alone in bed surrounded by flowers, rose petals, a pillow (clutched hopefully, of course) and a comically tiny keyboard. He then heads to his car, where he surveys a small parade of potential suitors, before meeting up with his bandmates. Throughout the video, the whole band wear a series of glamorous outfits, including monochrome suits, leather jackets and '60s paisley getups.

Said director Adam Capriolo, "I wanted to highlight the song's romantic portrayal of one-night stands and dating-app lovers. Taking what typically has had the connotation of being shameful or embarrassing, and then reimagining it as romantic, sensual, and fulfilling."

"Do U Mind? (Leave the Light On)" is the fourth in Fleece's recent series of singles. Their third full-length album, the follow-up to 2017's Voyager, is due later this year. Last month, Rogers released his first single as it's matt, "miss u tonight," featuring fellow Montrealer Edwin Raphael.

Watch the "Do U Mind? (Leave the Light On)" video below.