Blonde Elvis 42 Jane Street, Guelph ON, July 15

Blonde Elvis 42 Jane Street, Guelph ON, July 15
Photo: Tom Beedham
On a conceptual level, Blonde Elvis serves the dual purpose of critiquing mechanisms of popular rock celebrity while also offering singer/guitarist Jesse James Laderoute (also responsible for smoky Toronto post-punk act Young Mother) an outlet to legitimately exercise his hand at psychedelic guitar music.
At 42 Jane Street, the latter meant immersing the crowd in a five-piece study of Laderoute's solo studio ventures; the former meant introducing all of them as "big web hits" and instructing the audience how they could purchase white t-shirts with their band name printed on them in black — barbs that mostly stuck their landing in the casual atmosphere of the house show they closed out on the first night of Guelph's premier DIY festival.
But it was eventually made evident that at least one member of the audience had had enough of the post-pop asides when they followed up one by shouting back, "You're pretty cool, keep jamming" — to which Laderoute too slickly responded with an exaggerated, "Oh, we will," and everyone learned how deep the Blonde Elvis rabbit hole went.