This Artist Is Paying Tribute to Michael Cera, One Bathroom Portrait at a Time

TikTok artist Lauren Sullivan is doing one portrait of her favourite celebrity every day until the room is full
This Artist Is Paying Tribute to Michael Cera, One Bathroom Portrait at a Time
Art: Lauren Sullivan
People pay homage to their favourite celebrities in so many ways, be it with tattoos, collecting their work or making their own art based on an artist's legacy. But one way we've yet to see is dedicating an entire bathroom to one face.

A TikTok artist named Lauren Sullivan has set herself a new challenge to do just that, and of all the celebrities to pay tribute to, she has chosen Michael Cera.

"My bathroom has been soulless and blank since I moved in almost a year ago because I have not been able to decide on the perfect theme for it," Sullivan explained of her new hobby in a TikTok.

"So I've decided right now the theme is Michael Cera. And I'm going to be creating a portrait of him every day until I have no more wall space left."

Sullivan is on her ninth portrait, and while she still has a long way to go until her bathroom is completely full, one wall of the space has already filled up quite nicely.

"I don't care if this gets 10 views, I'm going to do these every day to hold myself accountable," she says.

So far, Sullivan has recreated some pretty iconic Michael Cera moments, including that time he met up with the cast of Jersey Shore for a Seaside makeover. See a collection of her recent portraits below.

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